Writer at heart
Designer by trade

I'm a creative technologist with a knack for writing and designing conversational experiences.

Growing up in a bilingual household, I learned the power of language early on. In college, I studied behavioral economics and Spanish while hosting a radio show, all of which taught me the motivations and nuances behind everyday conversation.

After briefly working as a consultant, I turned to UX design, which welcomed me to my true passions: art, people & technology.

You're in good company
Conversation is choreography

I view technology, especially conversational AI, as a dance between human and machine.

Beyond my design work, I've explored this relationship at conferences, on podcasts and in publications.

AI ethics, synthetic media and hyperautomation are some of the things on my mind. Oh, and I make dance music, too.

Like what you see?

Then let's make something happen! I love collaborating with open-minded individuals, technologists and creatives.

After all, every discovery starts with a conversation.